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.:: kaYak [ chapter 2] ::.

25th March 2010 : 8:30am-12pm : Taman Tasik Shah Alam.
Once again we ( D2C1 members ) have a great time there. We continue our kayaking
class with our sifoo - En. Mohd Zainal Bin Mohammed Arshed. As usual, before we start our kayaking session, we have to do warm up. Then, we can do the kayaking happily =) En.Zainal taught us how to do paddling stroke. and..................
JENG JENG JENG,, its the time to CAPSIZE!!! are u ready kids?? hahaha....
for the 1st time I capsize when i'm trying to do side stroke.. oh my goodness.. I was panicked!! haa... be calmed suhaila.. Don't be panicked when u are capsizing.. its the GOLDEN RULE!! golden rule ok...huhu.. but i like it!!!
tapi ksian kt mai sbb sbb capsize tu la die semput..saba ye mai.. sume tu asam garam dlm menuntut ilmu.. Nobody cannot buy experience.. papepun, njoy that class.. thanks again to En. Zainal & kawan2 yg rescued me.. hehe.. next tyme kite CAPSIZE lagi oke???