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abseiling & repelling ('',)

Climbing Techniques - Abseiling

Climbing Techniques - Abseiling Abseiling or Rappelling is the technique of descending through the use of a fixed rope. This is either done after a climb (going back to the base of the climb), in trying new climbing routes, or where there is difficult access (e.g. sea cliffs) to the start of the climb.

Always bear in mind that Abseiling is a very dangerous technique. There are so many things that can happen in doing this activity. This includes the occurrence of a jammed Climbing Rope, equipment failure, ropes cutting through sharp edges or rocks, and other incidents that are risky to the abseiler. Take note that any of these can happen even if you think you have done everything to ensure your safety.

In this section, know the different pieces of equipment you need in Abseiling as well as some measures to ensure safety:
Equipment and Gear
It is important to have the required equipment and gear. Some of the tools and devices you need include:
Safety Measures
Here are some things to consider in Abseiling:
  • Ensure that the necessary equipment and devices are securely in place.
  • Have another anchor for back-up (second anchor point).
  • Avoid positioning the ropes to loose rocks and sharp edges.
  • Knowledge on how to tie a prussik knot is important. This is a form of backup system in Abseiling.
  • If you have long hair, do not let it get entangled with your abseil device.

Enough preparation, proper knowledge of the aspects of the Climbing Technique, having the necessary equipment and gear, physical and mental readiness, and understanding of the possible risks are essential in Abseiling/Rappelling, or for any technique. Because of the dangers involved, Abseiling should only be done by people with enough climbing experience and under the supervision of trained climber