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~ aBseiling tyme!!

On the 1st of April 2010, we D2c1 members together with our outdoor sifoo, Mr.Mohd Zainal Mohammed Arshed have successfully done abseiling activity.. This activity have been done at the top of a hill near the Dataran Sakura in Uitm.. the purpose of this activity is to complete one of the activities in the Outdoor & Recreation scope courses.. Yeah.. we have a great time there.. with all the knowledge that have been tought by En. Zainal, we apply that on the activity..
There are some equipments needed to conduct this activity. For example, the main thing is the rope. There are two types of rope which is static n dynamic rope.. The minimum diameter for this rope is 13mm which can hold 3000kg of load in a single rope.. Other equipment is the harness. There are chest harness, waist harness and also full body harness. The sizes are XS up to M size..
so, choose the appropriate size that suit your body.. =)
Other important equpment that need to be used are :
- Carabena @ crab
[ screwgate, bandgate, snapgate ]
-figure of 8
- Descender for brake system.
-Ascender - juma, stitch & ATC ( air traffic controller )
All these outdoor equipment have the standardization from the UIAA which stand for Union International Alpine Association.

suka sangat!!! nk lagi!! but next tyme maybe,, huhu